Handmade wooden jewellery box with a surprise.

Handmade wooden jewellery box with a surprise.

This by far has been the most ridiculous project I have ever tried to get finished.

A patchwork look, handmade and completely out of wood, Jewellery box.  A one of a kind.

It was one of those that started well – but as soon as I have to stop and break my rhythm, that’s it… it ends up taking forever.

Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 3 Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 2 French Polished Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 19

This was not really difficult to make (tricky) but not difficult. No, it just seemed like life just wanted to get in the way and all hell would break loose and do everything in it’s power to try and make me give up. This seems to be a re-occurring theme with me these days.

From everyday things in your life to tools breaking, injuries and generally struggling to motivate myself to get going with it again. It was like something really didn’t want me to make this. And it happens every time.

But I refused to give in.  I eventually became more and more determined and chose to ignore my frustration.

And here it is….finally.  And I don’t think there will ever be a Jewellery box like it.

I wanted this box to be special and now I can safely say that it has become somewhat more than that.

Woods used for this Jewellery box.

Ok, so it starts with a carcass made from Tulip wood poplar, with Cedar wood lid, bottom and tray area.

Then the whole box is covered in thick veneer pieces. The dark cross sections are Rose wood, then all the spaces are filled with other species I had in my workshop. Olive wood, Bubinga wood, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany Curl and a bit of Red Ash.

I took care to select the most interesting grains and made the grains follow on into other sections on some areas of the box.

Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 5 wooden Hinges Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 2 French Polished Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 1

The orange like edges of the box are made from Padauk and lastly the hinges and handle are made from Ebony.

Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 6 Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 10 zebra wood Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 8

The box and lid edges are veneered in Zebra wood with an Ebony line, the inside lid door panel also veneered in Zebra wood.

All tray inserts are made from olive wood.

Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 14 Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 15 Jewellery box surprise_Reuben's Woodcraft 16

The box is lined with a royal blue velvet material and all surfaces are hand french polished.

You may notice that the drawer of the box does not have a handle. Well this is the surprise I guess.

I wont post any more picture here as I have made a video with more images, plus a demonstration of how the drawer opens.

I hope you like it. Please do like and subscribe or even rate and comment on this post.

I would also like to say that this box will be for sale on my Shop web page very soon so do keep an eye out if you are interested. It could make a great family heirloom.

The shop link is here

Thank you for stopping by and read this post.

Enjoy the Video


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  1. ArtyAnge says:

    Lovely box and superb finish. Love the press button to pop the drawer.


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