Wooden Car Key Ring Handmade

A Wooden Car Key Ring Handmade.

Well It’s about time I did a quick blog post and at the same time, wish you all a happy new year.

I did hope to get this one posted before Christmas, alas, I just had too much to do.

Anyway, before Christmas I had been attempting to make some wooden toy cars, I made one which was quite large and resembling a VW Bettle. But I was not overly satisfied with it.

As an experiment I made an even smaller car (tiny in fact) to see how quickly it could be done. It was very cute looking and showed my partner. She really liked it and came up with the idea that it could be used as a key ring for your car keys. “Brilliant I thought” and set about making a few more with the hope that they could sell on my etsy shop.

Wooden car keyring by Reuben's Woodcraft
Wooden car keyring by Reuben’s Woodcraft

Tiny Wooden Wheels!

I had managed to make quite a few, though they have not been without cost, as these are pretty fiddly things to make. Especially the ebony wheels, as these are originally cut square to find a centre hole for the axles, then sanded to a round on a large belt sanded, risking my digits coming into contact with the belt. Thankfully nothing serious, but I am going to have to find a safe way of sanding them.

Wooden car keyring by Reuben's Woodcraft Zoomed in
Wooden car keyring by Reuben’s Woodcraft Zoomed in

How did they turn out?

I have to say that these turned out pretty well, considering my bandsaw refused to cut wood square, thus a lot of correctional sanding had to be made. Since then I have fixed my bandsaw yet again and made a discovery that I had after these years – not been setting it up correctly due to bad information from my training. It’s amazing what you learn later and of the internet.

I made a small batch of about 7 – 9 of these little cars, a couple were lost in the process due to problems. I have given 3 away for Christmas (which seem to have been a hit) These are now for sell on my etsy site. Don’t worry, if these sell then I will obviously be making some more.

Already there are plans in the pipeline in how to produce these even quicker.


Just one more thing!

This wasn’t the only idea my partner came up with. She said that I could also do some small wooden houses for your house keys. Well of course I mad two of these (which took longer because of the detail) and also gave them away for Christmas. They were well received. So I will be looking into those a bit more, when I get some more done – I am sure there will be another blog post about them too.

Thank you for reading and hope you like and share this. and please do pop over to my etsy shop. Every little bit of support helps.

Best wishes and happy new year.



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  1. ArtyAnge says:

    these are fabulous and are such a great gift idea.


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