Tricky Trinket Box

Tricky Trinket Box 1Tricky Trinket Box

This is a trinket box I had made some time ago. Originally it was all oak and some small parts of ebony. I Modeled in on the same concept as the old style Sorento  boxes, that would keep coming to me for restoration work.

I thought that maybe a more modern looking Sorento box would be worth a try.

This turned out to be more tricky than I had thought, what with its secret openings and how to keep such a build completely square.

When I first finished the box it sadly did not stand the test of time. As the ebony hinges I had made for it were too thin and basically broke. I was also not happy with the way the secret slide openings worked as these seem to have shrunk slightly and sis not line up with the rest of the box anymore. And so it has been sat on a shelf for over a year, waiting for me to have urge to do something about it.

Last week, that moment came. And I decided that it shall have new and more bulky ebony hinges and the secret slide opening and trim will be completely replaced with new ones but made from walnut and rosewood.

It took some messing about and reworking – but it has got there and looks far better than it originally had done.

Tricky Trinket Box 4

Yesterday I have finished it off by lining the inside and the trays and have made a short video to demonstrate how the box opens.



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  1. ArtyAnge says:

    Great box. Wonderfully put together.

    Liked by 1 person

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