Solid Oak Block Jewelry box

Jewelry box from a solid block of Oak wood.

This was no easy task I have to say. Especially as

1. I knew what I wanted it to look like in my mind, but was not really sure if it was possible, or actually look right.

2. The main tool to use for accomplishing this should have been a decent large Bandsaw. The Bandsaw that I have is only a hobby craft type and a bit of a blunt blade to boot.

Plus the depth of cut on my Bandsaw is only 6″ Yet I wanted to use a block that was 8″ thick. This meant a great deal of exhausting hand sawing, then planing and all the rest of it.

oak beam jewelry box by Reuben's woodcraft


Oak Beam Jewelry Box To Be Exact.

That’s right. A solid piece of oak beam was used for this project. I wanted all the grain to be showing – including all the knots as well. Rustic yet well finished. I wanted this to look like no other Jewelry box out there.  The plan was that it would need to be hollowed out so that the sides and front looked like it was all one piece or block. It should have a drawer, a lid, a compartment inside with a tray. Possibly all lined as well inside.

Oh and I thought it would be cool if it had my own made wooden hinges as well.

You may notice from the two smaller pics that I made sure the rings or end grain at the sides of the box all realigned up again after the lid was cut.

I Added a bit here and a bit there and it got completely out of hand.

The main box or inside got hollowed out with the bansaw. The lid was cut and hollowed out by router. Then the bottom was fixed, the drawer was made (again, making sure the grain on the front of the drawer matched the grain of the box.) Some parts of the drawer were made from walnut and rosewood, just to add a bit of an effect.

The hinges of the box were made from solid ebony. I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself for coming up with a way to make these hinges quite quickly.

The interior would be compartmentalized as well as the tray that sat inside. Some of this would be lined with a dark blue velvet material.

Normally I would line the inside of the lid. But on this occasion I wanted to do something different and try out an idea I had some years ago.

I decided to stain the inside of the lid a blue/ green color, then glued in some elm bur veneer that was wainy edged. I placed these in certain sizes and ways so that it would look like a picture of a channel of water going through some islands or land. Like a very old nautical map.  In a way this had the desired affect.

Everything – apart from the finish was done except I had a bit of a problem to solve.

When I was planning the top of the lid to get it flat and smooth, the machine had yanked out a small knot in the grain, right out. Causing it to have a bit of a nasty chewed up dent in the top. I had to think hard as to what to do about it – as this top could not be replaced due to the grain matching. After looking at the nautical design inside the lid, I came up with an idea.  Hence the little black ebony dolphin tail and fin – which was hand carved and set into the carefully smoothed out dent of the lid.

Sometimes good or better things come out of the bad.

The Things You Do For Love.

This project was actually a birthday present to my fiancee. It was a little late I regret to say, but I think that been forgotten when she saw it.  So…. if you were thing that this was for sale or you wondered why I went this mad on it, now you know 🙂

Well, I hope you liked seeing this. Please rate and comment – tell me what you think or share anything similar.

Catch you later.


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